VA loan in Kentucky


VA loan is the housing loan and supported by the “Department of Veteran Affairs”.

VA Loans in Kentucky have large numbers of advantages which make it’s more extraordinary to become mortgage holders for active military person or either veteran without any down payment and insurance.


VA Loan Eligibility:


This amount is paid by private mortgage lender and VA take assurance of the loan alternatively may call it down payment as compare to traditional down payment in case of defaulter not able to pay loan also known as entitlement.

VA loan in Kentucky having some beneficial terms and conditions,


Benefits of VA Loan in Kentucky


  • No need of any down payment.
  • Lowest interest rate.
  • No penalty or late charges.
  • No restriction on house selling.
  • Can transferrable to other VA eligible person.
  • Private home loan (mortgage) insurance not required.
  • Just require only closing costs with limited amount.
  • Monthly mortgage insurance (MI) is not require for this loan.


How Mortgage Loan works?

 VA entitlement having two modules,

·         Basic Entitlement:

25% of the loan amount ($144,000 or $36,000) will insure by the VA.


·         Bonus Entitlement:

 This entitlement is use in that case where cost of the house is more than $144,000.

Both entitlements can be use upon the requirements of house cost.


Interest Rate of VA Loan:

  • VA not set the interest rate, interest rate set by the mortgage lenders.
  • Yours income, score of the credit and amount of the loan are the factors for calculating interest rate.
  • Interest rate may vary according to market conditions and also according to type of the loan taken.


VA Loans Types:


VA Purchase Loan:

This type of loan can be use when you want to buy a new house and this option is much better than other options of financing.


VA Cash-Out Refinance Loan:

This option can be useful for already experienced and qualified veterans to refinance their loan in lower rates and they can refinance up to 90% of the house value for debt of the mortgage. It can also 100% but with highest interest rate.


VA Streamline Refinance Loan or Interest rate reduction refinance loan (IRRRL):

This type of loan is relatively easily and much better option for the house owner who already taken VA loan and might be refinance into a lower month to month mortgage rate.

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